Automatic bulk ingredients system, weigh and burden according to batching process sheet, without artificial input and intervention.
Our self-developed mobile batching trolley system uses ordinary frequency conversion motor and decelerator. With the careful design of moving parts and position detection sensor, it can quickly and accurately move to twenty different bins, not have to use expensive servo control system, so as to reduce investment and maintenance costs. In addition, compared with the screw feeder ingredients(as the following illustration), the mobile batching system can save the costs of 12 sets of screw feeders, and reduce the 12 sets operational energy consumption from 26.4KW to 1.1KW. Therefore, mobile batching trolley system has more advantages:
• Can be more easily combined with the original bin area
• To reduce the cost of production line to rearrange
• Reduce the energy consumption and material loss
• Achieve the goal of automatic upgrade