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With the improvement of living standards, dairy consumption is growing. In order to achieve China's dairy industry plan, the per capita share of the rapid increase in dairy products, dairy production industry is booming. To meet the demand for large modern dairy plants, piping systems increasingly in large-scale, centralized. Since this paper introduces the large modern dairy plant piping systems ---- the basic elements of the development and function of the valve seat, combined with some of my work experience and design examples, from the simple to the complicated array system to explore the valve and design ideas.




Valve seat piping system line array CIP cleaning


I. Overview

"Ninth Five-Year", along with the people's living standards, consumption of dairy products are continuously expanding, fundamental change in the age structure of the consumer. Before the main consumers of dairy products for infants, the sick and the elderly, and now, the dairy has become a necessity for city residents on the table, in the dietary nutritional supplement domestic structure, improve human immunity, and enhance the people's physique, has played an indispensable little effect.

According to relevant statistics, China's dairy production in 2000 to 78 million tons, up 28% over the previous year. 2001 annual production is 120 million tons, growth rate over the same period the international dairy growth. The latest "China's dairy industry," fifth, "planning and development plan in 2015," pointed out that the "Tenth Five" plan at the end, China's milk production to reach 12 million tons, amounted to 9 kg per capita, average annual increase 68 million tons an annual growth rate is about 70%; to the planning of 2015, per capita consumption of 19.3 kg, milk output reached 28 million tons, 1.60 million tons more than in 2005, an annual growth rate is about 8.8%.

China's dairy industry is in the ascendant. Large-scale dairy production across the country one after another and put into production base, and some small-scale dairy plants are constantly remodeling and expansion.

In order to expand the scale, at the same time easy to manage, reduce operating costs, improve product quality, dairy plant piping system, large-scale, centralized become very necessary. As a modern plumbing system ---- the key to the use of the valve seat is to ensure product quality, to maximize production and the only way most streamlined operation.

This article will talk about plumbing systems, and characteristics of the valve seat in the introduction, based on a preliminary look at the dairy plant of the valve array design for the steps and points.

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