Stand-alone Air System

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 -- Energy saving and healthy


Anti-year  "SARS",  to  raise  new  is sues  central air conditioning, so that the "ventilation" has become the necessary measures to control central air conditioning section, then air conditioning experts have proposed increasing the fresh air required to achieve each of 30m3 / h of the request, This also allows us build on the existing central air conditioning or fresh air system put forward new requirements. To this end, both at the central air-conditioning system and also to increase the supply of fresh air to conserve electricity is an urgent task.



    Desert dehumidification equipment factory in Wuxi in China's support of the Academy of Architecture under the air-conditioning, since 1990, specializing in the production wheel dehumidifier, and won the title of Jiangsu Province, Famous. The late 90's wheel dehumidifier in the production, based on the advanced technology introduced from abroad, research and development of a new generation of environmentally friendly energy ZX / ZQ series WHEEL ZNL series of modular heat exchanger products and energy recovery units, successfully resolved enough to add new wind and reduce air conditioning energy consumption. The product has Jingxi Hotel in Beijing, Hangzhou, five cross Building, Hefei gymnasium widely used.
    First, the energy recovery operation principle
    WHEEL heat exchanger is a low-speed rotating honeycomb wheel. Core switch with fiber or metal foil as carrier, the activity of silica and zeolite materials using high-tech methods for the synthesis of moisture absorption, moisture absorption into the wheel with heat storage, packed in metal cabinets, driven by the gear rotation. Exhaust through the filter, the exhaust heat recovery wheel handled by row to the outdoor fan; fresh air through the filter, the heat recovery wheel treatment, given away by the new process air fan sites. Exhaust air temperature and humidity in winter than fresh air, exhaust air when transferred by the rotor core temperature, moisture content increased, when the switch core have clean air fan and new contacts, new wheel bias low-temperature and low humidity air release heat and moisture, the new air temperature humidity. Conversely in summer, reducing the fresh air temperature and humidity, increased exhaust temperature and humidity.
    Combined Energy Recovery Unit is in the WHEEL on the basis of the heat exchanger to increase the routine functions such as: filtering, cooling, heating, humidification, cleaning, ozone sterilization, air and other features to accommodate all forms section of the ventilation system.
    Second, the characteristics of energy recovery
    Fresh air in the summer can be cold and dampness, the wind in winter can be the new warm-wet, the recovery efficiency of more than 75%.
    After using the full heat exchanger to increase the amount of fresh air to add three or four times, significantly improving the ventilation state.
    Cleaning switch core with the role and function of self-purification, and who can effectively prevent leakage of fresh air ventilation.
    Air-conditioning system with the traditional design compared to investment in equipment costs are considerable, but the energy saving effect is remarkable, the use of about a year to recover their investment.
    WHEEL heat exchangers, compact structure, operation and running management and maintenance convenient.
    Energy Recovery Unit of the Cabinet or by the color spray galvanized sheet steel and aluminum framework. Easy to install, good air tightness. Also equipped with intelligent control, easy to implement network management system.
    For civil and industrial HVAC systems, also apply to gas, dust and other harmful plant laboratories.