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Relying on our more than 10 years of professional experience, research and development advantages, through key equipment selection and manufacture, process optimization, tight junction of automation and intelligence, field equipment adjustment and commissioning, we help our customers to achieve the advanced solutions.

We have the world’s leading, independent intellectual property rights professional core material handling equipment, perfectly resolve the labour, efficiency, production commonality and extend demands.

To execute process automation and intelligence, facing our traditional workshop equipment and process complex situation, we should analyse enterprise product categories and features, pursue industrial production process reform, implement in sequence the elimination, transformation, upgrading, new purchase, improve core manufacturing unit, the most important is the core manufacturing equipment, then the automation and intelligence of production line. Meanwhile, we should consider to form a complete set with architectural construction, public utilities, policies and regulations in the process of improving production capacity, in order to avoid the blind improvement which leads to advancing but not efficiency, or advancing but not reliability.

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For China’s manufacture, the “Industry 4.0” is a grand vision. But a lot of low-endprocessing small and medium enterprises, a huge demand for employment, lack ofinnovation ability and of core technology, flat management of simple process etc, allthese above are the specific basis and conditions of actual manufacturing industrysituation. Compared to German, America and other developed countries, we have along way to go through the “intellectual industry”.

We ride the wind and waves with courage, adhere to the combination of science andtechnology with tradition, the combination of experience with technology, to build our “Industry 4.0” in China. We believe that, the path of “Industry 4.0” China aregoing through will be very different from that of Germany, as our target is to achievethe deep integration of digital and intelligent manufacturing.

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